About Us

“Prudent ARC Limited (PARC) is an asset restructuring company, having registered in 2011, got the Reserve Bank of India’s Registration Certificate only on 3rd of August, 2016 for commencement of business.

The main promoter and MD of the company is Mr. Pradeep Goel who has been an industrialist and entrepreneur for the last 36 years, having vast experience in iron and steel and has exposures in power, real estate, pharmaceutical, engineering, ship-breaking sectors.

The company is in the process of expanding its Board of Directors and after necessary due diligence, approvals and compliances it will be visible very soon.

The strength that PARC holds which may also be termed as edge which makes PARC different from many other ARCs that the key managing personnel have vast industrial and entrepreneurship experience and at the same time combined with financial experience, understanding of businesses and its finances is tremendous. PARC is of firm opinion that infusing money in any stress account is never the only solution for its revival. Our strength lies in going in the depth of the reasons of account becoming sick, which could be legal issues, basic management and working, viability of the product, technology and design, skills and operations and so on. For example, there is a legal problem in any factory, it could be local labour, political issue, environmental issues, etc. which need a good working and legal knowledge along with funds. PARC’s Directors working is second to none in the industry. At the same time the legal team is capable and experienced right up to the Supreme Court level.”